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What We Do

The Freezing Time Research Group at Northwestern University is driven by a shared understanding of the importance of mathematics and science teachers attending substantively to students' thinking and of the complexity and impacts of doing so. Group members investigate what teachers pay attention to in classrooms and how they make sense of and respond to what they notice. We explore new research methodologies and video technologies to access teachers' thinking about pedagogically relevant moments in the classroom. 


Group Meetings

We are currently on summer hiatus, but will resume meeting on Thursdays from 10-11 AM Central US time in the fall.

We are open to drop-ins from the SESP community! Just Contact Us or email to connect.

We also have a Google calendar and a listserv you can be added to for more regular information.


Congratulations to Dr. Chris Leatherwood on being named an Equity in Math Education Research Grant (EMERG) Program Scholar with the National Academy of Education!

Dissertations and Graduations

Many congratulations to 2022 and 2023 doctoral graduates!

  • Dr. Mari Altshuler in 2022

  • Dr. Amy Chang in 2023

  • Dr. Ruben Echevarria in 2022

  • Dr. Chris Leatherwood in 2022

  • Dr. Sarah White in 2023

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